Yogi Gregory (previously Bhikkhu U Dhaminda) recently came to deliver a new Sure sm58 microphone that…

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Yogi Gregory (previously Bhikkhu U Dhaminda) recently came to deliver a new Sure sm58 microphone that should not give feedback loops to the PA system during Patimokkha. It was recommended by a famous South African DJ that came here to practice after I pulled him aside to talk shop.

I arranged this via my supporter who was once a monk with me at both Pa-Auk and Nauyana. Yogi Gregory also delivered some other items as well, driving 6.5 hours from Yangon to do it in two days.

Yogi Gregory was once Bhikkhu U Dhaminda and helped with Sayadaw's first two books; The Light Of Wisdom and The Four Elements instruction book. While Yogi Gregory was here, he told me the unknown history of Ven Pa-Auk Sayadaw from the early days and a good chunk of his Meditation teachers and how he came to Mon State. Sayadaw does not answer these type of questions these days, although I guess he was obviously open about it in earlier times. As far as I know, it was all told to Gregory directly from Sayadaw himself, making it only second generation information with the only distortion being the memory of twenty plus years ago(!). I cut Gregory short and set up my recorder and made him start all over again. I got some good audio footage which needs only a small amount of editing.
That was a great discussion!
Bhikkhu U Dhaminda also wrote A Life Free From Money, A free vinaya PDF on the rules concerning money (ie. not handling it) which I recommend all monks to read. Easy to find on Google.

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