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Withmetta.net is back with a new interface! Only two stories left and I wrote one of those two! Here is a simple story about giving. I encourage you to write many stories. There is no limit and they can be simple in content or length. As you wish. http://withmetta.net/wide-and-shining-eyes

Wide And Shining Eyes. It was in 2011 when I came with my ex-wife to Myanmar. In Yangon, there are many begging children that sell postcards on the streets and near the tourist areas. Knowing this beforehand, I used to carry some sweets with me to give them instead of money.

Sharing is caring!

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Bhikkhu Subhuti is an American Buddhist Monk with roots in both Sri Lanka and Myanmar Forest Traditions. He currently resides in Myanmar but his heart sometimes floats back to Kauai, HI where he spent six months in 2015.
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