Water Purification

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Water Purification Diagram

While the first step of meditation is called Sīlavisuddhi (Purification of morality), another important part of our monastery is the water purification system. We basically have our own industrial Reverse Osmosis water purification plant with enough capacity to supply a whole village with drinking water. However, since we normally have 500+ residents, we only supply our own monastery instead of going into business.

Ven Kāruṇika is one of the worker monks who keeps our water filtration machine in tip top condition, or shall we say “purerr-ing” ? I took a bunch of pictures with him explaining how everything works.. However, it was long ago and now I forget how to explain things.

Venerable Kāruṇika

Enjoy the pictures!

The first stage is a sand filter, second is carbon filter and then I think it gets softened before the reverse osmosis (RO) filter. I hope I got the order right because I think that is what the chart says.

Finished Product (Filling Station) with smaller storage tanks Large tank is behind the building.

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