Today I Saved A Cockroach

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Today I saved an upside down cockroach in my bathroom. I thought he was dead but then saw that he was still alive and moving. I was late for breakfast and decided I would save him after I came back, but I became very overwhelmed with guilt 10 seconds later and could not go further. So I grabbed a tissue and picked him up with care knowing not to squeeze too hard. He crawled out from my loose grip and stood on top of the tissue on the way to the door outside. Although the modern way to do things like this is to take a selfie with the cockroach before saving him, uh.. I didn’t do that. This picture up top is from wikimedia. The real roach was smooth oily and black! After my heroic event, I washed my hands and then went to breakfast with a happy mind.

Warning: That is what happens when you chant the khanda Paritta everyday. It is a rule that all monks who live in the forest must chant this and it will protect them from dangerous snakes. What comes around goes around.

Apādakehi me mettaṁ, mettaṁ dvipādakehi me,
I am friendly with those without feet, with those with two feet I am friendly,

catuppadehi me mettaṁ, mettaṁ bahuppadehi me.
I am friendly with those with four feet, with those with many feet I am friendly. [2]

Mā maṁ apādako hiṁsi, mā maṁ hiṁsi dvipādako,
May the one without feet not hurt me, may the one with two feet not hurt me,

mā maṁ catuppado hiṁsi, mā maṁ hiṁsi bahuppado.
may the one with four feet not hurt me, may the one with many feet not hurt me. [3]

Sabbe sattā, sabbe pāṇā, sabbe bhūtā ca kevalā,
May all beings, all living creatures, all who are born, in their entirety,

sabbe bhadrāni passantu, mā kañci pāpam-āgamā.
may all see prosperity, may nothing bad come to anyone. [4]

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