Tipitaka Pali Reader

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Tiptkata Pali Reader

A new beautiful app written in Flutter for all Desktops and Mobile Devices.


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AppImage (Linux)    

sudo apt install fuse libsqlite3-dev

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Purpose of Application:

This app is useful for reading Pāḷi texts. It is similar to TPP. Total feature migration is planned in the future. If you read pāḷi and use a reading app, you will most likely prefer this as your pāḷi reading app on the phone or desktop. However, at the moment some features are better in TPP.

Typing Roman Letters:

Typing in Roman script has full integration with the velthuis ascii typing system which is now a standard in pali. The keyboard chart can be found on this Wikipedia page


The dictionary and reading experience is where TPR shines the most. We have included Digital Pāḷi Dictionary and Pāḷi English Ultimate dictionaries as part of the standard installed dictionaries. Soon you will be able to download more.

Dictionary Results

User Interface Diagram:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is TPR-MainScreen-1024x500.png


Searching is very fast because we use an indexed Sqlite Full Text Search (FTS) technology.

Turn on and off filter chips
search filter

Bookmarks and Recent:


The main programmer for this app is Venerable Ashin Pannyadazza. His apps can be found here for Apple and here for Android. He is a very talented self taught programmer and structures his code very nicely according to proper coding practices. I was responsible for the project management, and some minor programming tasks. The project and code are available on github which also lists the original code this was forked from. If you would like to help in technical and non-technical ways, please contact us. We also owe gratitude to Tharindu Madushanka who has donated his time for the Apple submissions to the Path Nirvana Foundation’s App store listing.

Other Software:

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