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Tipiṭaka Pāḷi Projector

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Sept 12, 2020: Version 1.05 is now released… Download now…

(Win Exe 160MB)    (Mac OS Dmg 212 MB)

(Linux Deb 160MB)     (Zip 156MB)

This release is available for Windows, Mac Os and Linux (deb) and now supports all scripts. Is one of the few readers that supports searching in any chosen script. The zip file is used with Firefox Web Browser. The Zip version for Firefox works on Tablets and Ipads but you need to download an older Firefox version (see at the bottom of the post). You can even have it work on your telephone. This software is an alternative to the amazing and time tested Digital Pali Reader (DPR) which has recently been rewritten by a great team. It is also highly recommended. This version 1.04 has the new changes of multi script support, fuzzy letter searching, adding notes, and updated UI icons along with many bug fixes. It also supports auto update and will (hopefully) prompt you for a new update when that time arrives.

TPP is a software program to help one navigate the vast amounts of Pāḷi texts. It includes, 21 English Ebooks that can be displayed side by side with the Pāḷi texts. The Dictionaries and Search functions are where TPP separates itself from the other Pāḷi readers. It is very fast and totally off-line. It works on Windows as an installable Exe or MacOS DMG file too. The project can also run on any operating system that supports FireFox Web Browser. This application was created at Pa-Auk Forest Monastery in Maymyo. The FireFox version supports Sinhala, Myanmar, Thai and Devanagiri Scripts.

You can open any book easily with a tree control. Just click to expand, and click to open. It will open the entire book within a few seconds with a Table of Contents and quick jumps to your favorite suttas. English mode, in the settings, will open the same book on the right hand side.

TPP Sample

The Search function is fast.. very very fast. Click on the matrix to limit your search or select all books. As you type, we show you what is available. Click on the word and jump to your searches quickly by list or with a table of search results. Top checkboxes can immediately select the root texts, or left most checkboxes can select according to text name, and commentaries. Get all searches organized in a table. Click to expand and click to view inside the text.

Click to expand search table. Click on yellow word to open text
Automatically opens and highlights the word you searched for

DIctionary Functions

The Dictionary panel can display multiple definitions from the selected dictionaries. You can disable or enable them with a simple click to the checkboxes. You can even search for English words you may want to understand clearer by clicking on the english words inside the panel. The dictionaries are also integrated with Sanskrit. If you see a Sanskrit inside a PTS definition, you can click on that word and see the Sanskrit definition in the SED. Just click on the words inside the definitions and start surfing. You can also type Velthius letters that automatically transform to unicode and get a list of words as you type. TPP Pali dictionaries supported are: English, Chinese, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Myanmar, Sinhala, and Vietnamese. We boast 400 MB of Dictionaries when expanded!

You can learn about the declensions by simply clicking on your Declension tab and then clicking on a word. If there is a table for the word, we have you covered.

If you are one who uses Anki to learn new words. TPP has full integration with Anki. We keep track of all of the words you have clicked on, complete with the sentence source text, and definition. The keyword will also be bold inside the sample sentence. Simply export the Anki file and then import into Anki. Within a few minutes you can import hundreds of words for the texts you wish to study.

Watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel to understand more about the new features as they get developed. If you are a firefox user, it is essential to watch a video understand how to change the security to make it work.

TPP is free and Open Source on GitHub. You can download the source by zip or clone the source to get bleeding edge updates with a simple fetch command. A new update might be less than 1mb to download because you only download the changed source files. If you would like to become a member of the development team, just let us know. Write an issue if something is broken… haha…

Just type:

git clone

or download the source zip here

Auto Update is available with the Windows exe and MacOS dmg versions. We will let you know automatically.

Firefox Instructions:

To make Firefox work you need to type about:config in the address bar to get the advanced preferences. The search for security.fileuri.strict.origin.policy and set it to false. Tablets and phones might want to set the layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to 1.5 to fit better in a smaller screen area.

There has recently been a controversial upgrade that has removed about:config. I have contacted mozilla (FireFox) and located an older version on their website. It is not recommended to go elsewhere. The current beta release app from the Google Play Store should work as well. Link for older version is here:

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