Time for Balance

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I’ve been looking forward to the Myanmar Internet being cut off, but it does not seem to be happening. I guess that is good for the people here. I will be taking a SIM break for about 5 days…

Tuesdays are usually when I post things from the meditation hall because it is the day I have to manage the Tuesday cleaning crew. My job is to clean the Big Buddha (that is me below).

Sima Hall 2nd floor Buddha
Action Shot


While in the area, I made a quick video of Venerable Maṇi Sāra who can supposedly balance unbelievable things. I saw him, picked up a rock and asked him to show me if it was real. Yup. It is real. After I finished filming, he took away the rock and said.. “Not Beautiful.”..

awe…but I have a video.. so there!

Here you will see him balance a rock I picked up off the ground on top of a Sima marker stone.
He sent me a better video
This one he calls beautiful. As you can see.. difficult to believe.

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