They might be Giants

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Original picture lost, but this one from Thailand will do.

They might be Giants
During this time, called, “The Water Festival” many “young and old” take robes temporarily. It is the “summer” equivalent like we have in the West. No School.

Recently, a foreigner friend disrobed a few days ago. I think he was on his second or third year. He was the ideal monk, quite passive, talks only when you need him to, quiet most of the time and fairly progressed in meditation too (with pa-auk standards). However, things just did not go right. He was not happy with his situation, was sort alone with himself and he disrobed a few days ago. We will miss him.

As I was talking to my friend U Pannyagavesaka, I said, we really need the sangha support. If I have a problem or something happy to share, I do not hesitate to come to your kuti (I was there to tell him about a recent joy in my life) and I am glad I use it.. As I said this, tears sort of came to my eyes but did not fall because I was so grateful.

As I was talking to another friend about the disrobed monk, I ended with a spoken quote from Bob Marley, who is surely known internationally more than any other musical artist.
“Good friends we’ve had,
And good friends, we’ve lost…
Along the way..hey”

During these two weeks are called “The Water Festival.” It is called as such because it usually always rains at least once during this time to break the dry spell which starts from October..
Today it rained.

The rest of the Marley quote:
“In this great future
You cannot forget your past,
So dry your tears… I say.”

I wish my friend well. I hope he does not forget his past. I am happy to see new monks come to fill the gap. We are all temporary, and the monks arise and pass away, but continue, persisting from one “temporary” monk to another since the time of the Buddha.


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