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In 1993, I visited China with five lucky School of Technology students at my University. Before going, I asked around for some cool things to say and “Chī le ma?” or “Have you eaten yet?” was the phrase I learned besides asking for the toilet. It does not mean what it literally says. Instead, it …

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Having Fun At The Pa-Auk Dentist Clinic (Repost/refurbish from June, 2015*)
Because dentists are very expensive in America and the Pa-Auk dental clinic has pretty good sanitary conditions (for Myanmar), I went for a checkup before my trip to Hawai’i.

A little while ago, I was asked what was the most important lesson learned and what was the most important thing that I taught.  The answer spans two different videos and they are listed below:

Jeremy Glick (picture)

I have a personal story I want to tell you about Jeremy Glick and September 11, 2001.  The short story is that my name is Jeremy Glick and I was a computer programmer. 

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