Sutta Readings (tts)

I am a big fan of Text to Speech. I have compiled the Anguttara Nikaya by Ajahn Sujato. This version was the easiest to compile since he does not have any footnotes. I must admit, I do like some of the words chosen in this version. I do however like footnotes and the commentaries, but it just does not work well with linear readings. The Pali is far from perfect, but I think you will like it. I recorded this on Speed 3 using Microsoft Mark (permission granted for Noncommercial use) and Balabolka Software.

The entire Anguttara Nikaya (Numbered Collection) has been converted to mp3. If you do others, please let me know and I will publish it. You may download the whole lot here

Anguttara 01

Anguttara 02

Anguttara 03

Anguttara 04

Anguttara 05

Anguttara 06

Anguttara 07

Anguttara 08

Anguttara 09

Anguttara 010

Anguttara 11

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