Some New Artwork For The Abhidhamma Book

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Some New Artwork For The Abhidhamma Book
I have been delaying the release of the Abhidhamma lessons 5b and 6 because I wanted to add artwork to the chapter pictures instead of the Google pictures and links I found prior. I have also been polishing them a bit, especially 5b. The train tracks will represent Samādhi (a one track mind) and the fountain will represent form that is always being replenished. The other pictures are from the other chapters.
Sadhu for Venerable Kippābinnya (usa) for drawing the pictures for me.
I hope to release a new chapter in a few days.. Not sure if it will be 5b or 6. Both are more or less done.
Lesson 7 currently starts at page 99 and is still being composed and nothing has been written for eight. The work will probably be finished by lesson eight. I am slow, but this is just a spare time thing.
Lesson 8 was what I originally wanted to write for the world, but there needs some preparation. The chapters a quite cumulative. So if you want to jump into the Samādhi chapter, you might want to start reading from the beginning. See

Approximate Titles and chapter numbers.
5b "So What Happens In Samādhi? A One Track Mind"
6. "What Matters? Further Information On Material Realities"
7. "It's In There: An introduction to Mental Ingredients
8. "The Super Easy Fifth Method on Dependant Origination"

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