KKCR – Monks on Kauai Community Radio

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Dear Friends,

Here is the link to the kkcr radio show where we were interviewed on Kauai Community Radio for about one hour.  It gives a good taste of what we did on the island:

We will be on the radio on Sunday at 11:00 am Hawaii time.

The radio station is kkcr and can be streamed at the main page below.
Program 10am -12pm
We will come on at 11am island time.

We will give a Dhammatalk in . on November 28th 6 to 8 pm
This will likely be our last since we are planning to leave according to our original itinerary; December 8th.

We might return one day temporary or longterm and continue what we have been doing. We get appreciation from the locals all of the time even though most of the people who personally thank us and give their appreciation do not know we are collecting food to eat. It is not uncommon for cars to pull over and say how much they appreciate us and then ask to take a picture. We also get many thank-yous from the houses as well. The happy car beeps and “Hang loose” signs flowing from the windows are so common they are difficult to count on a daily basis. (A better and more complete report will come soon)

We will miss our Happy Spiritual Island.

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