Pa-Auk Monastery in Mudon

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Kyownpine Pa-Auk Branch Monastery in Mudon, Myanmar.
I have moved to Yorgo Sayadaw ‘s new monastery called Kyownpine. The Yorgo Sayadaw read my first ordination transaction 15 years ago and invited me to come. He speaks no English, but we have fun together. Such a lovely place, lots of Metta here. Good views, cool at night (75 degrees), nice kuti.

This place is suitable for foreigners to live at complete with proper vinaya (monks’ rules). The food is collected from village Pindapata. I have been helping collect the food with three other monks. A truck follows us and sometimes up to ten helpers to help sort and collect the food. Currently, about 50 monks are here. The villages that invite us (one village per week) are prepared to feed us by the hundreds.
Mudon is like a whole different country compared to Myanmar. They have their own language and the pali chanting is also different too. The Mudon people take pride in their culture in a similar way that the people from Quebec are different from the rest of Canada. It should also be noted that both the Dhammayut of Thailand (Ajahn Mun) and Ramana Nikaya of Sri Lanka come from Mon State which has preserved Theravada for the establishments of Buddhism in Sri Lanka and Thailand after they were both lost in their own countries.
For more info, please see this link
I have been here for almost one month and it seems like only a few days.
Good loving-kindness is here because of Yorgo Sayadaw’s wonderful presence.

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