Only In The West, Only In Asia

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Only In The West, Only In Asia
A monastic friend showed me his new sprayer he was going to install. I said, "Can I take a picture of that? (Giggle). People in the West think of the kitchen sink when they see one of these.". He made a "yuck" face and then the both of us laughed.

Sometimes, based on culture, time, and place, one can gain different but real interpretations that are counter intuitive to basic common sense. Using a sprayer like that in the kitchen sink is like using a clean toilet brush to wash the dishes. This is how an Asian person looks at the Western usage of a sprayer.

Contrary, many Westerners criticize the Buddhist Commentaries and Abhidhamma which are the footnote explanations for the Suttas. While some points may seem counterintuitive, they were based on a time and culture over 2000 years ago. It is hard to judge impartially, especially for a Westerner who grew up and lives abroad. Enlightenment in itself is counterintuitive too. It goes against our natural tendencies.