Little Wing Strikes Again

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Little Wing Strikes Again
My cardboard paper sign that goes around my 20L water bottle for refill identification was soggy from the rain, and so I threw it away a few days ago. I thought internally to myself,

"Maybe I could ask the sangha computer room for a laminated sign before the next refill?".

However, that would be complex because it would be done with communal property for a private use.

Last night, the Librarian passed me this laminated label. Judging by the old email address of Pa-Auk and my old passport number, this must have been leftover from my trip to America in 2006 during my first round at Pa-Auk . I remember that U Pannyananda and I made these in Yangon and attached these labels with electrical wire to our airport bags. I have no idea how this was recovered. I do not even use a travel bag anymore. I asked the Librarian where he got it. He said, "It was just lying around." I have no idea how that happened!

Out of the blue, this was handed back to me!
I need to upgrade my wishes…!
It reminds me of the old a capella "Mercedes Benz" Janis Joplin Song, but maybe she was just too ambitious. She died three days later.

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