It Is Never Too Late Part II

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It Is Never Too Late Part II
Venerable PannyaGavesaka was ordained at the age of 62 and is known as the Assistant Librarian and is often known as "everybody's friend."
He went to Clifton College in the UK and did his postgraduate at New Castle University in England and was trained in Architecture. He got into Buddhist monastic life because his son ordained and eventually his two granddaughters became nuns too. In 2004, he donated his time to help with the design and construction of the Mettāvihāri female meditation hall project at Pa-Auk. He was responsible for its unique design blending the old Burmese style with modern Western architecture. He spent so much time here and after the project was finished, he decided to ordain himself. Eventually his son and his two granddaughters disrobed and he is the only one to remain in sangha.
His skills in English are exceptional and he often helps with the editing of English Dhamma books also Myanmar works that need translations. He has also helps with the design of communal buildings at other Pa-Auk branches in Myanmar and around the world.
He is now working on his 9th year as a monk.

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