I just got 1 otoscope and 4 portable FM transmitters that I requested. Transport, as always, was the…

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I just got 1 otoscope and 4 portable FM transmitters that I requested. Transport, as always, was the most complicated task! These should help make things easier. I love making great ideas come to life, especially my own ideas! (Merit).
Currently, if we want a doctor to look inside our ears, we need to take a half day trip into Mawlamyine city to see an ear (ENT) specialist. The current volunteer doctors on Wednesdays and Sundays simply use a normal flashlight (UK "torch") to look inside the ear. Sanitary, but not effective.
There are also roughly 100 plastic funnels for the device too.

The portable radio transmitters have a variable range of up to 500 meters, which should go well beyond our needs! This is the third generation of trial and error of transmitters which was started with a kid's $7 FM microphone. Some are better than others! They have worked well and the original proof of concept has been proven many many times over. I hope to figure out how these work. The instructions are in Chinese only!
In case you do not remember, we use these for simultaneous translations of English Dhamma and Vinaya classes, sometimes in multiple languages. They are used at least one time per week, especially for the Vietnamese group. One needs only a simple radio to "tune into" the desired translation. There is no need for expensive proprietary systems. Most people have a phone which can take an FM app or mp3 player that has an FM tuner. We also have many spare radios too. The idea is to let the translator speak quietly and broadcast to his group (with headphones) so that it does not disturb the group that listens to the lectures in English. It makes the room quoted while the teacher is speaking… to some degree..certainly much better conditions than before! The translators also appreciate the idea too. It reduces much of the effort needed to translate to a whole group.

May those who will actively and passively use these devices all benefit and realize the Dhamma!

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