Here is a picture of the translation of Ven. Pa-Auk Sayadaw’s Dhamma talk with the fm mic.  We used …

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Here is a picture of the translation of Ven. Pa-Auk Sayadaw's Dhamma talk with the fm mic.  We used the mic from Thailand with a 100 ft range.  Just anybody in the hall could passively tune in with their telephone or mp3 player's FM radio component.  90.9 MHz.  There is was virtually no disturbance or awareness of this project going on inside the hall.

Sadhu to Donors for helping me realize this concept started 8 or so months ago.

The translation was rough since Ven. Pa-Auk Sayadaw's speaks so fast and is unaware of the translation in progress.  There is no way to stop the talk to catch up or even find one's place. However, we knew it would be rough before we started and just a general summary of what was happening was all we wanted.  Outside of a small practice session a few hours earlier, it was the first time in 13 years where I could know what was said in a local Dhamma talk.  The style is much different. 

Many thanks for Ven. Pannagavesaka for ignoring pride and doing what he could with a far from perfect translation.  We could get a general feeling for the talk.

3 mics are often used (2 pink, 1 black) for Sayadaw U Kovida's weekly Dhamma talk in English.  He also slows down for the translators. 🙂 Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean.
The Vietnam group uses a mic twice per week.
The Best Part: The microphones cost about $7 each. 🙂

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