Getting Ahead in 3D

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Getting Ahead in 3D
Lately, I have been interested in the Free Open Source Software package called Blender. The software had a reputation for being difficult to learn and not so good. While it is still difficult to learn, the capabilities have grown in the past few years.

I eventually want to make some stuff to explain Abhidhamma. Recently, this post came up. It is so real, you wonder if it is a real person pretending to be fake…at least until the end of the 20 second flick.

The Enlightened are able to see through the realities that make up a "person" and always know it is "Just a bunch of parts.". This video can sort of show you how it is so easy to be fooled into thinking something is real.

The same is true
For the unenlightened view
Of "real" people.

Tutorials are numerous on YouTube. (Borncg)
Open Source films at.

This is a self portrait, made with Blender 2.74, in Cycles render of course. It is still a WIP but a

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