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Future Posts
I have been doing quite a bit of 3 finger pecking on my tablet lately. Enough pecking to finally borrow a Pa-Auk communal keyboard from the computer room, but only after completing 67+ pages of abhidhamma lessons! Wow, what a difference that makes. It is almost like having a laptop without the weight and trouble. And when I am done typing, I can give the keyboard back! Ubuntu is also possible due to "Complete Linux Installer,"

I have more or less finished Lesson #5 with a new title, "Guns, Buttons and E.Motions" which is an introduction to mental process cycles (vitthi). It is fairly long, so I will probably just update the PDF for now on on my Google Drive which will have all prior lessons too. About 50 pages total for 5 lessons.
Lesson 5 alone is over 20 Pages if formatted like an A5 book. Half of you will probably drop out after reading it:-)
I am having someone read it now to shorten it and I need to find some ancient code samples I vaguely remember seeing in 1994. Internet access is much more difficult to do it these days and Google does not find this stuff so easy since it was obsolete before Google was Google.

Lesson #6 "What Matters?" will be more fun. We will go back to material realities and particle stuff and a fun exercise. I might change the title of it, but "Lesson #6" should be there..
It is 80% finished.
(I borrowed the keyboard only after this point).

Precept #3 has been finished for some time now, but the few laypeople who have previewed it were not happy nor convinced. That is the problem with this popular watered down Secular Buddhism. I need to rearrange things to emphasize multiple lives according to kamma and then mention the third precept last. Currently, the third precept is at the beginning and kamma and its results are later.
Sayadaw U Kovida (Pa-Auk Main) agrees with the precept 3 lesson I wrote. I have asked him to give a Dhamma Talk using my upcoming outline after I reorder the contents. I hope to give him full authorship credit since it will be in his own words from just an outline. He might do it. If so, I will probably just post his MP3 on Archive.org instead posting my own writing.

I might do a proper Dependant Origination lesson after that or after a few more lessons. Dependant Origination ties all of the Abhidhamma together with a big picture overview. It is usually taught near the end as a grand finally, but people often give up before they reach it. However, my lessons are asynchronous compared to the traditional order of presentation anyway, so expect it sooner than later. The Fifth Method is the easiest to explain and not much prior knowledge is needed if I "generalize it." It is basic and deals with past, present, and future lives using only five links of Dependent Origination.. "5 causes, 5 results.(khandas)". The Pa-Auk method uses this and other sections as a core teaching before one learns Vipassana.

Lastly, I hope to upload a video of the kitchen after all of Yogi Brahm's kitchen pictures are all exhausted.

PDF download for 4 lessons. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&srcid=0B8Uv4wlWLt9rZDZRX3h6eFc0Vms This post is from my personal G+ Page.

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