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The Pali Text Society has made its Vinaya, Sutta and Abhidhamma books available for non-commercial use since 2013. The Sutta books have been extracted from the Buddhadust Website which is still considered as “work in progress.” However, the work was good enough to reformat as eBooks in its current state.

Stephen Torrence and myself did most of the work to reformat the web pages into eBook versions. There were thousands of webpages which required many scripts to remove the web content. We used the open source project called Sigil.

What is special about these books? These are the unabridged editions of the original PTS Sutta books which were some of the first translations which have been referenced by several modern translators who followed later. Unabridged means the triple dots which used to represent missing repetitions have been expanded or “rolled out” with those missing repetitions. It is cost effective for electronic editions and some people swear that something is “lost” in translation with these repetitions represented by the triple dots (…). The texts have been formatted on the Buddhadust website in a nice grouped poetic way which helps a great deal with sorting through all of the information while reading. Lastly, since these books are quite old, they were written in an older English religious style, your vocabulary could use a little brush up!

Click the format (PDF, ePub, Mobi, AZW3) under the book you’d like to download it to your device.

All mistakes can be directed to the appropriate GitHub project specified in the book.

PTS Vinaya.pdf

8 thoughts on “Free PTS Sutta eBooks”

  1. Thank you for telling me this. I will update the book in a little while. I’m not sure how this happened. The Mobi file is corrupted as well. However, it should be easy to fix. Please check back in a few days.

  2. W. N. Vossbrink

    The file “dialogues2” is a raw TXT file oddly. Is there a PDF (like the others) which has the image scans of the original volume? Thanks and blessings.

  3. W. N. Vossbrink

    Perhaps my enquiry wasn’t clear. Under the heading “Pali Text Society Publications” is the link “Dialogues of the Buddha, Volume II”. When clicked it leads to a zip file called “”. When extracted, this file is in .txt format, whereas all the other downloads in this section are photographic fac-similes of the original PTS volumes. What I was hoping to find was that the second volume of the dialogues is a collection of the photographic scans of the original volume (gathered together in PDF format) — just like all the other downloads. For the edification of your readers, I found what I sought here:

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