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15 Main Image Close Up, at the Mahabodhi Temple, cc-atrib-sa

Sometimes it is difficult to find free Buddha pictures. Even when Google shows you “free pictures,” sometimes, they require an account or were not really free in the first place. As a monk, even with our timeless Buddha, I still respect copyrights and encourage others to do the same. That is also one of the reasons why I use Linux as my main operating system. has thousands of Buddha and other related pictures all with the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike copyright. The website has over 150gb worth of photos. What does that mean? It means that you can do what ever you want with the pictures, including modifications and even selling them, as long as you give and share the same license somewhere in your publication to let people know it is free. Unless specified, all images on my website are cc-by-nc which means non-commercial and you cannot use them for monetary gain. A non-commercial license is different from not for profit use.

You will see that I modified a picture and then also stated the source of my picture in the Buddhist Intermittent Fasting post and several others. Because the original photo was for any use, I cannot restrict the license to non-commercial as my own license. That is what “share alike” or “SA” means. Below is a creative commons picture of the creative commons copyright system. If you have heard of open source software, the two are very similar, but Creative Commons are usually for media and documents.

Shaddim; original CC license symbols by Creative Commons, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you wish to find free Buddhist pictures, you can go to and at the top, you can find a “categories” heading. Click on “Buddha” or use this direct link.

Another source for free Buddhas or other free-to-use images are at the Creative Commons Website, which I discovered while writing this article. You can go to this link here to search for free to use/print pictures. If you want a large Buddha Poster similar to the picture below, grab a high res picture and run to your local sign shop for large format printing. I’m not sure where this picture was found or the resolution need for printing that size.

Me giving a Dhamma talk at Elgin Lao Buddhist Monstery, USA

Update on

I recently moved’s web hosting a couple of times in the past 30 days and I finally settled on the web hosting service that my sister uses for her website called She had some extra space, and now we live together in the same home again, just like when we were kids! I started the hosting account for her website and she has filled it with many international recipes. I highly recommend it and so do her husband and daughter that gets to try all of her recipes. Today is the first day at this new hosting location. Did you notice? DNS (Domain Name Service) takes care of all the details like your contacts address finds numbers with your names.

I would like to thank Venerable Ānandajoti Bhikkhu for hosting me for all of these years and generating my very first website to simply host a still unfinished book I wrote called Abhidhamma Lessons. We met only once or twice in person, yet we have kept in touch over the years. I have gone from to to to finally which you are now visiting and is hopefully easier to pronounce. This article which features Buddhas found on is my way of paying respect to Bhante while giving my readers a few places to go for free Buddhas. He is also the author and translator of He is also the author of the “hands-down best Pāḷi Chanting book” called Safeguard Recitals which is all available for free. The Pa-Auk Chanting book was based on this too. He also personally edited and reformatted the best copy of Buddhist Legends on his website too. This is one of my favorite books which has all of the classic Buddhist stories.

May you and Bhante be happy and find this useful for reaching Nibbāna!

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