Dinner For One

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Dinner For One
A simple story where a donation to a beggar on a New York City subway turned into a lasting memory that touched his heart. While not all donations turn into lasting memories, some do. It may not be immediately easy to see why it was important, yet we all have a story where it means more to you than others, for reasons of personal interpretation and circumstance. This story reflects on the joy of giving, encourages giving, and the idea of relinquishment. I hope that you have a similar story to share withmetta.net too. Please send it in!

Dinner For One. I remember when I was taking Pāli Language lessons at The American Burmese Buddhist Association in Brooklyn, New York some time in 1998. The monastery was virtually unknown to the local Americans at that time and I would go there on Fridays and leave on Sundays for my private …

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