Did The Buddha Know Einstein’s Theory?

The Mass–energy equivalence is one of the most famous physics equations known to the general population. Did the Buddha know this beforehand? We all know this formula as the explanation for how nuclear energy works, but we really don’ t know much more than that. For my one of my birthdays, I asked a monk who was once a nuclear engineer from Chernobyl to explain to me how it works. He was very kind and took the time to explain it to me in very simple terms I could understand. I was very happy for this birthday gift! One of […]

Free PTS Sutta eBooks

The Pali Text Society has made its Vinaya, Sutta and Abhidhamma books available for non-commercial use since 2013. The Sutta books have been extracted from the Buddhadust Website which is still considered as “work in progress.” However, the work was good enough to reformat as eBooks in its current state. Stephen Torrence and myself did most of the work to reformat the web pages into eBook versions. There were thousands of webpages which required many scripts to remove the web content. We used the open source project called Sigil. What is special about these books? These are the unabridged editions […]