Pa-Auk Forest Monastery HD

I made this video from 55 minutes of nearly silent footage. I cut it us and added a script to it. The titles in English are from the original and are misspelled in some areas. The monastery is more or less the same except a new health clinic which i had posted pictures of earlier. I finally got a higher resolution copy uploaded (in full) to YouTube, thanks to a wonderful Bhante who helped me upload it from the DVD Version. All other versions are made from the Vcd except for a failed upload from a friend of a donor. […]

A Useful Quote from “Free Spirit”

                                We spend almost an hour at the library on Tuesdays when we wait for the Thai Restaurant to open. Ven. Dewananda signed this book out of the library called, “Free Spirit.” I was curious since “Free Spirit” was the name of my family’s sailboat when I was a kid.  While I was flicking through the book, which by the way was well written, I came across this quote that struck me.  I snapped a picture of it. Quote by Joshua Safran. Here it is: […]

Kauai Dhamma Talk September

Here are links to the two parts of a Dhamma Talk on the Mahamangala Sutta givin at Princeville Community Center in Kauai.  September 27th. The first part has Loving kindness The second part starts the main subject. (First 3 minutes were not recorded) The talk will be a series on the Sutta.  This talk covered the introductory verses. The files are unedited and the breaks are recorded.  Feel free to edit and resend them to me. Enjoy! The links are below: Part 1 Part 2

Unedited Kauai talk August

Here is an unedited file from the dhamma talk I gave.  The first section on Loving kindness is missing. Soon I will add the first talk which has a similar first section. The two hours consists of:Chanting and loving kindness meditation 5 minute breakAn introduction and general overview of the Sabbasava Sutta.5 minute breakA brief meditation session, followed by Q/A and sharing of merit. The talk can be downloaded Here.

Inclination for Meditation

These days, most meditators meditate inside buildings on flat and hard surfaces. One should try to meditate outside on a nice grassy area that has a 20 to 30° angle. It does not take much to find such a place and if you do, you might feel there is no need for pillows or other bulky equipment for your comfort. Go ahead and give it a *try! Wrapping a robe or a bedsheet around your body can reduce the need for bug spray. Remember to try to keep things simple when you want to simplify your mind! *If there is […]