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Going For Broke: Travelogs On Becoming a Buddhist Monk is a compilation of travel stories.  It is an anonymously written book about a lay person who quit his job in order to travel the world and then become a Buddhist Monk.  Most people either love it and read it in a few days or never finish it.

Here is the back cover:

“Going for Broke” consists of travel stories written by a young American man who gave up his lucrative job to travel the world and decide if he would fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a Buddhist monk. As he traveled, he sent accounts of his adventures as a backpacker in Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, India, and Nepal and then about his life as monk in Thailand and Myanmar”

“At age 28, when an ethical problem arose at work, the author gave up his lucrative computer career to travel the world and decide whether to renounce it and become a Buddhist monk as he long dreamed. “Going for Broke” consists of travel stories and reflections sent to a growing list of friends as he traveled to Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Thailand and Myanmar. In a magical moment on the shore of an island, he makes a discovery that convinces him of his destiny. He goes on to ordain as a Theravada monk, gambling the stable life he had for enlightenment– literally “Going for Broke.” The book describes in detail his life as a monk, thoughts on meditation, and a return trip to visit his family in the United States for the first time wearing his monk’s robes.”

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Article by Bhikkhu Subhuti

Bhikkhu Subhuti is an American Buddhist Monk with roots in both Sri Lanka and Myanmar Forest Traditions. He currently resides in Myanmar but his heart sometimes floats back to Kauai, HI where he spent six months in 2015.

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