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Bagan Slideshow

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Here is a video slideshow of my Bagan trip. We had scheduled 8 full days to travel around, and mostly on foot. We had a limited budget and it was a real joy. Basically, the less transportation you have, the more you can take in. However, you need time to do that. Ven Pannyagavesaka went with me. He likes to take pictures and I like to wander around. It was a good match.
Many thanks for Sandeep who sponsored the bus tickets and anything else we needed and Snow and Sai wunna for providing transport fees. We did use some taxis, but it was limited according to our wish and travel style.

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Bhikkhu Subhuti is an American Buddhist Monk with roots in both Sri Lanka and Myanmar Forest Traditions. He currently resides in Myanmar but his heart sometimes floats back to Kauai, HI where he spent six months in 2015.
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