American Pa-Auk Center?

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American Pa-Auk Center?
Ven Pa-auk Sayadawkyi recently sent me a letter inviting me to go to America and support the "American Pa-Auk Center" in California, with one-way airfare included. I responded by expressing concerns about the conditions and the Center's status as a "real" Pa-Auk center. I also have questions about who really "owns" and controls the place too. However, progress has been made. Up until recently, Sayadawkyi was unable to invite monks to the place. Who comes and who goes has more or less been decided by the owners often without asking Sayadawkyi. The local Myanmar community is not happy at all and the director has resigned from office due to similar and stronger concerns. He was the only "outsider" involved with the administration. His position lasted less than one year.

It looks like some changes are in the process of being made because Sayadaw sent word that he wishes to delay my visit until everything is in proper order. I am doubtful things will changed in a suitable way and I have started my third Myanmar renewal visa.

I hope I can help under the right conditions. I am an expert in getting vinaya monks into Australia and the USA. My record is five out of five, with three of those applicants being previously rejected.

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