What does AI think of Loving-Kindness? Here is a poem.

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ai generated art for this post

I asked openai chatGPT to write a buddhist poem on loving-kindness in the style of Dr. Seuss. This is what I got.

With open hearts and open hands,
We spread loving-kindness across the lands.
Like ripples on a pond, it starts with one,
But soon it touches everyone.

With each kind word and thoughtful deed,
We plant the seeds of love, in hearts to breed.
For in this world of joy and pain,
Love is the balm to ease all strains.

So let us be like candles bright,
Shining our love into the night.
For in this world of dark and cold,
Love is the warmth that makes us bold.

With love in our hearts and peace in our minds,
We’ll walk the path of enlightenment to find.
For in this world of birth and death,
Love is the guide that leads us to our best.

composed by chatgpt

Here is another Buddhist poem written by AI. It was posted by someone who commented on my FB post about this. The poems take about 3 to 5 seconds to generate.

The path to enlightenment
Is like a winding road
Through mountains tall and valleys low
With each step, we shed our load

The mind is like a monkey
Jumping from thought to thought
But with mindfulness, we can tame it
And reach inner peace, we’ve sought

Let go of all desires
And attachments will fall
Embrace the present moment
And hear the Buddha’s call

For in stillness and serenity
We’ll find true liberation
And our hearts will be filled
With boundless compassion.

another Buddhist poem a user posted after asking ai to write it

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