Acapella Inertia MP3 Audio

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A’capella Inertia

Audio Story (free MP3 download)

I have decided to make an audio version of this story. I started off by having a computer read this for the purpose of proofreading. Then I started reading it out loud. As I read it out loud with my own natural expressions, I thought that it might be better if an audio version were available.

I happen to have access to a good quality microphone and some professional Linux software running on Elementary OS. However, the monastery kitchen is about 75 Meters from my kuti and the dew starts dripping at night. There was not much of a recording environment, but I did the best I could.

Despite the recording environment, I like the way it came out. I hope you like it too!




© 2018, Bhikkhu S. and Steve Scena

You may download the story here

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