Abhidhamma Lesson Five is now released

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Abhidhamma Lesson Five is now released in PDF on my drive.
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Lesson Five explains Abhidhamma Vitthis or "Mental Processing Cycles.". It is not the most simple topic to explain and that is why it is big. About two or three pages in "The Manual of Abhidhamma," with one page being a chart is the short and complex (terse) method. More than 20 pages are in my method which only introduces the general terms. Prior reading of the previous lessons were assumed so I have included the whole PDF for convenience. I am no longer releasing inline single lessons because of that.
Lesson Six, on Material Realities, is more or less finished. It just needs my helper to give it a read through and a cover picture.
Lesson Seven (on mental factors, cetasikas) has been started.
I guess I am making a book….but I just work on individual topics and put them together in a PDF.
Lesson Eight will probably be on proper Dependent Origination. Unless you have read ven Nyanatiloka's bps book, which you won't understand, you probably have never learned a classical teaching on it. Now ain't that funny, after so many years and books that have been available? Abhidhamma and the commentaries in the West are like "Green Eggs & Ham." at a PETA gathering.
Precept 3 (same story), has been expanded to roughly 18 pages and is now receiving favorable reviews and I now have an excited and willing monastic friend who volunteered to edit this small project. I am holding out so I can do a proper release of it. I am not sure how that will be done.

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