A Pa-Auk Walk-In Refrigerator

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Recently, the doctor ordered some lemon juice for me to take as medicine, so I asked the office helper for some lemons. She went into the kitchen and then to the “walk-in refrigerator.” I just had to laugh and then snapped a picture.

  • What does a walk-in refrigerator look like?
  • How doe they make walk-in refrigerators in Myanmar Monasteries?


  • Take an eight by eight room,
  • Lay the walls with tiles
  • Insulation (optional)
  • Put one or two air conditioners inside
Pa-Auk Maymyo: Only 1 air conditioner. Maybe because of the cooler climate and insulation.
Pa-Auk Mawlamyine

(This an updated version of an G+ old post with a missing picture).

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