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kilaueafarmsdevaI had to ask Bhante Devananda several times in order to go to the end of the road to see the ocean today. We have been at this location for six weeks now without ever going to the ocean at the end of our own road.  However, after we got there, Bhante Devananda did not want to leave.  Being the nice monk I am, I let us stay and we meditated on the mountain until it got dark.  After all, it was our road and we knew the way back. Waiakalua, Kilauea Farms.


The area is a protected conservation area and the ocean has pretty bad currents that are just an absolute joy to look at.  It is truly unspoiled land.  I think I found a new favorite spot.  Maybe we will go there again tomorrow.

On the way, we walked by a self-service fruit stand.  Usually people have fruit they want to sell and just let people take what they want to buy and put the proper amount of money in an unattended box.  It is Kauai, and you can do that here. The people who lived by the fruit stand said hello to us and then said, “You can help yourself if you want.”

I replied, “We are not allowed to eat in the afternoon.”

“You can come in the morning.”

“We are not allowed to take anything that is not offered.”

“I offer all of this to you,” she said waving her hand like a magic wand over the fruit, not knowing she has to be there to hand it to us.

Such a Beautiful Island!

Even earlier, during pindapata today a man popped out of his door while we were in front of his property and said “Mahalo.”, which means, “Thank you” in Hawaiian.

“Hello.”, I said back to him.

“Thanks for the blessing!”, he said as he went back inside.

“You’re welcome.” I replied as we walked away with our alms bowls unfilled.

People still do not know what we are doing and they think we are hauling drums.  They appreciate what we are doing even though they do not really know what it is that we do.  We do bless them of course.  We do this while we wait in front of each house on our routes.  We wish them all loving-kindness and if looks like nobody is home, we wish loving-kindness to the ants, cockroaches, dogs and cats etc.

May you be Happy!

With Metta,

Bhikkhu Subhūti


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