A Monk Working In The Umbrella Repair Shop

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A Monk Working In The Umbrella Repair Shop
Kuti #1, The Kuti Village
Pa-Auk Forest Monastery Main, Mawlamyine, Mon State Myanmar

Quote from "Going For Broke". (Different monk in picture. Almost all reconditioned umbrellas are double deckers)
From 2004
Umbrellas surely break, and we now have an umbrella repair service station at kuti #1. I call the monk in charge of this “U THEE,” which means “Venerable Umbrella.” You can actually use “I’m sorry I was late, my umbrella was in the shop” as an excuse in this monastery. With this umbrella service, I was able to make my umbrella last almost two rainy seasons before giving it away to a visiting monk. Umbrellas really take a beating here, and my umbrella was in the shop three times!
U Thee is a real pro. He can do anything with your umbrella, and there are plenty of parts available from the umbrella graveyard. Once there was a person who donated a few high-tech umbrellas from Brookstone, a nifty gadget retail store in the States. It has two umbrellas in one: an upper deck and a lower deck. It’s like an umbrella with a rain-fly. My teacher was offered one of these umbrellas, and shortly afterwards, many of the reconditioned umbrellas started to appear in the same style. Sometimes the simple life can get high-tech too.

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