A List Of The Foreigner Yogis

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A List Of The Foreigner Yogis
Someone recently asked how many foreigners are here at Pa-Auk and could not find my old post. This is the list from last month. There are probably some more added since all of the nuns were asked to break their Vassa at Maymyo branch to come back here.
I would imagine Pa-Auk would have the most consistent largest concentration of foreigner residents in all of Myanmar. I cannot imagine hotels in Yangon consistently having these numbers.

I am not sure of Nauyana numbers.
I might guess about 20 males and 35 females (at Dhammika Ashram, a separate nunnery)

I think that the nuns who identify as "Theravada bhikkhuni/samaneri" are grouped into the Mahayana Bhikshuni/samaneri classification of this list.

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