The author visits Spring Hill Forest Monastery, a serene retreat high in the Hantanna Mountains of Sri Lanka, escaping the heat and sparse greenery of the International Institute of Theravāda (IIT). Initially introduced during a doctor’s visit, the author regularly returns, appreciating the quiet solitude, lush forests, cool climate, and picturesque surroundings. The monastery, home to a community of monks, offers a stark contrast to IIT. Despite difficulties with local leeches and the cold, the author remains appreciative of the environment. The author also speaks at a gathering, emphasizing the importance of supporting both male and female monastics.

Probably the #1 question we get is, “Why did you become a monk?” That question has many factors and answers. However, a better question is, “How did I actually get the nerve to become a monk?” Read More

Buddhist Compass

While traveling in Thailand, I had an idea where I would like to know and face the direction where Bodh Gaya is similar to Qibla, and how Muslims like to face Mecca wherever they are.

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