March 2020

There are many people who are inside their homes, so I thought it would be good to make a small 10 minute video on how to do basic walking meditation inside the home. Here it is.

Having Fun At The Pa-Auk Dentist Clinic (Repost/refurbish from June, 2015*)
Because dentists are very expensive in America and the Pa-Auk dental clinic has pretty good sanitary conditions (for Myanmar), I went for a checkup before my trip to Hawai’i.

500+ monks at paauk main. Some slippers go missing so people mark them with different patterns as a passive way to prevent loss. However, the slippers in the center were not as passive.

reposted from (2016) . When a Buddhist monk says “sabbe satta,” that is a shorthand for metta practice. “Sabbe satta” means “all beings.” One of my friend’s collects the leftover food and cakes and says or acts on this everyday after each meal at the Mudon Pa-Auk monastery. But in reality, even though he says “sabbe satta,” he …

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