New Update and Summary: Myanmar Visas in the USA now only take 4 business days (It used to be of 3 Months). See Religious Visa application for USA Embassy:  http://www.mewashingtondc.org/sites/default/files/pdf/visa/Religious-Visa-Forms.pdf Visa cost is $50 valid for 3 months (arrive before 3 months) and stay permit of 70 days Sponsor letter, Payment, application form, work history, …

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Often Christians approach me with an agenda and they try to set me up to fail. However, they are predictable and I know exactly what they will say. I yawn and quote their bible in my favor.

I had a layperson (probably UKZ) follow me around in the line to show what it was like for a monk to go through the alms food line at Pa-Auk Main Center, Mawlamyine, Myanmar.

My friend scheduled another interview with me and recently published it. The video discusses why should monks not touch money? Is there an exchange that takes place with the things you receive? The video includes stories on how alms works, the blessings that I give and how people benefit by giving. One story recounts how …

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