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September 11 and Jeremy Glick

September 11th and Jeremy Glick I have a personal story I want to tell you about Jeremy Glick and September 11, 2001.  About seven months after I ordained in 2001, the famous 9/11 or September 11th event happened. During that time, I was living in Myanmar which was one of the 6 countries that were embargoed. Myanmar was specifically embargoed…

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Is Collecting Alms (Piṇḍapāta) Legal?

Collecting alms, also known as piṇḍapāta by Theravāda Buddhists, is a legal activity in the USA. There are some restrictions though. I spoke with a lawyer who seemed to know civil liberties quite well, but there are no guarantees with what I say. However, this information should make sense and seem legal to you. It is legal to ring the…

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