A Walk In The Gardens

  Hawaii Update #3, June, 2018 It has now been almost 10 weeks on the island.  My life is difficult, but it is very rewarding.  I get a chance to teach all the  people who donate rides and food to me.  I teach very deep things like mind moments and kamma for each mind moment and they all seem to “get it” which is complex and is amazing.  However, it feels right to move to different subjects according to the responsiveness of the donors and it all seems to work out.  For some, I just say, “Hey you make your […]

The Concept in Breath Meditation

The Concept in Breath Meditation The concept of the breath as it is used in meditation is not well understood.  We will discuss this matter in this small article. There are many methods concerned with the breath, but The Ancient Theravāda Commentaries say that one should focus at one area above the upper lip and at the exit of the nostrils. However, if one just limited himself to that one single method, things can still get complicated. For instance, one might mistake the skin for the breath since one uses the skin in that area to “know” the breath. When one […]