Accused Of Being Psychic

Accused of Being Psychic I think it was in 2003 or 2004 when I was at Pa-Auk Meditation Center when this event happened to me. I was at the mountain meditation hall during the meditation break and I saw a yogi dressed in white yogi clothes. His outfit basically looked like pajamas to most Westerners, but if you know the meditation scene and you know how the foreigners usually dress at Pa-Auk, then you would know that he was a serious yogi. He was wearing the white yogi clothes and it was clear that he has been to other meditation […]

Spoken Metta Mix by One Voice

This is a spoken English version of the Discourse on Loving-Kindness (Metta Sutta), mixed with the Pāi chanting of One Voice (EkaSara). I like it and I think you will too. Enjoy!  If you get a chance, It is best listened with headphones.  There is quite a bit of stereophonic separation included.  Feedback welcome.  The audio is uploaded here.  

Is it Begging?

I remember when I saw my grandfather before I left the world behind in 1999 for some travel and perhaps an ordination. He was in the hospital going through the first round of fighting lymphoma cancer. He asked about my planned one or two year journey and I told him about all of the places I would travel to.  Then I said how I wanted to become a monk and that might happen near the end of the trip. He asked, “Why would do you want to become a monk?” I left out the Nibbāna part for him because he […]

Inspiration, move me brightly

Inspiration is like a bright star that shines among the dim.  In Monastic life, there are few monasteries or monks that really inspire people.  Following the vinaya (or rules) inspires people.  It is tried and tested. This was an old picture when I was in a vinaya monastery that follows all of the rules including the “basic ten rules” that a 7 year old beginner monk is supposed to follow.   “Varanasi” is the name of the monastery which is a  learning monastery that was started by an Ethnic Nepalese Myanmar community.  If I do not return to Hawaii in June, […]