December 2016

Here is a comparison of 5, 8 and 10 precepts.  The Buddhist who follows five precepts is known as a regular lay Buddhist.  The person who follows 8 precepts is known as a serious Buddhist yogi.   The person who follows the 10 precepts is known as a novice monk.  A bhikkhu follows 227 rules. …

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This is a Dhamma Talk I gave at Wat Khao Sanamachai about Kauai, alms and how loving-kindness wins battles.. It is translated into Thai by a Lao monk who lives there. The full story can be seen at

What do Theravada Buddhists believe in terms of abortion? Much of what has been written are liberal beliefs and overturning what is written down in the texts. They claim “Modern Buddhism” as a section heading, but there is no such thing as “Modern Buddhism” since there is no such thing as “Modern Kamma.” The rules of …

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