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Mangala Sutta Dhamma Talk

Here is a link for the Dhamma Talk on November 28, 2015. The talk was the third on the Mangala Sutta. This time, there was a high quality recorder. Talks are not edited. There are three parts. Lovingkindess and chanting. Part 1 Mangala sutta -who are the wise and review. Part 2 Meditation. Part 3

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Some Wish For Peace

Some wish for peace, I did something (story below) I thought I would repost this on my blog due to the recent events.  We must strive for peace.  Originally posted on WithMetta.net I just got back from inviting 2 Muslims to serve at the head of the meal line for Tomorrow’s lunch at Pa-Auk. Everyone thought I was crazy and that…

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Radio kkcr

Dear Friends, Here is the link to the radio show: We will be on the radio on Sunday at 11:00 am Hawaii time. The radio station is kkcr and can be streamed at the main page below. http://www.kkcr.org Program 10am -12pm http://www.kkcr.org/djs/kamran.htm We will come on at 11am island time. We will give a Dhammatalk in . on November 28th…

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