October 2015

Yesterday, we got some pre-Halloween candy during our alms round at one of the houses. I thought that was very “sweet” of our donor. Halloween is a holiday on October 31, in America where kids dress up as, well, anything they want. They go around the neighborhood at night and ring the doorbells and say …

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The website Http://TimeAndDate.com is a “must-know” and “must-have” for Buddhist monks, especially when they travel abroad.  It calculates the Moon Phases and Solar Noon for a specific area.  One thing that was very enlightening was how the Western calendars were off from the Buddhist calendars for the new and full moons. Why? Well… pick a place …

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My friend Nikita (x ven Kippabinnya) made this flyer for our new location. There was a request to move to Kapaa which is more central. Golden Lotus seems like a nice place and they have cushions and chairs available.

I had to ask Bhante Devananda several times in order to go to the end of the road to see the ocean today. We have been at this location for six weeks now without ever going to the ocean at the end of our own road.  However, after we got there, Bhante Devananda did not …

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