Kauai Dhamma Talk September

Here are links to the two parts of a Dhamma Talk on the Mahamangala Sutta givin at Princeville Community Center in Kauai.  September 27th. The first part has Loving kindness The second part starts the main subject. (First 3 minutes were not recorded) The talk will be a series on the Sutta.  This talk covered the introductory verses. The files are unedited and the breaks are recorded.  Feel free to edit and resend them to me. Enjoy! The links are below: Part 1 Part 2

Unedited Kauai talk August

Here is an unedited file from the dhamma talk I gave.  The first section on Loving kindness is missing. Soon I will add the first talk which has a similar first section. The two hours consists of:Chanting and loving kindness meditation 5 minute breakAn introduction and general overview of the Sabbasava Sutta.5 minute breakA brief meditation session, followed by Q/A and sharing of merit. The talk can be downloaded Here.

Kauai Update #2

I am still happy to report that things are continuing to go well. However, we did have a small hiccup, OK, a big one. We moved. Yes, I know it was beautiful place we had, and maybe the most beautiful place in Kauai too. But something was just not right and so we decided to move out and we are in a new place on a three acre tropical fruit orchard. This arrangement should be temporary until we find a new place. I wanted to move to Anini which was my original plan, but our donor would not let that […]