Razors and Switchblades

Razors and SwitchbladesThese are the types of razors that most monks use in Myanmar. I used one of these for about eight years with one of the sides modified so it did not having the safety bar. We called the sides; "safety side" and "dangerous side." With the dangerous side, one can wait a week or even 4 weeks before shaving. The safety bar is what causes the blade to clog and the "dangerous side" removes "clogging" from the formula. Normally people shave their heads every week or every two weeks at Pa-Auk. It was not until eight years later […]

Dinner For One

Dinner For OneA simple story where a donation to a beggar on a New York City subway turned into a lasting memory that touched his heart. While not all donations turn into lasting memories, some do. It may not be immediately easy to see why it was important, yet we all have a story where it means more to you than others, for reasons of personal interpretation and circumstance. This story reflects on the joy of giving, encourages giving, and the idea of relinquishment. I hope that you have a similar story to share withmetta.net too. Please send it in! […]

It Looks Like It Is Bronze

It Looks Like It Is Bronze The Ashoka pillar has become the Pa-Auk logo over time and it was originally initiated by U Dhamminda for one of Sayadawkyi's books when he was a monk in the 90's. The pillar at Pa-Auk was originally a white plaster color, but that has been changed by an artist monk. During a time near 2003 or 2004, I remember a French/Armenian Ven. Jaruvanna, who used to be an artist, decided to repair one of the lions which had a broken jaw. While he was at it, he decided to do his signature artwork, by […]

With Metta Website

With Metta Website. http://withmetta.net New website. Do you have a Metta story?Please Reshare! With Metta Website With Metta Website. Personal Stories Containing Acts of Loving-kindness. This is a new website which is for posting personal stories containing acts of loving-kindness. Please send your personal stories which represent random acts of kindness to you or from you to the address in my Google Plus … This was posted on Google+

Donation Day today at Pa-Auk. This is a time where all of the teachers come together from the 29 local…

Donation Day today at Pa-Auk.This is a time where all of the teachers come together from the 29 local Myanmar monasteries. There are 11monasteries abroad if you want to count the USA branch.This is also a time when large or huge amounts of donations are made. We filled 2.5 rice sacks with goods today! While most of it was superfluous goods, like washing powder, soap and notebooks, there are some special things as well. I gave away most of it including two sets of robes to Varanasi Monastery. The big pile is what I gave away and the small pile […]