The Blue Room Session and Update

I went to the sacred Blue Room cave today with a friend named Narayandass. Its waters are known for their healing powers. I made a recording of some chanting before we meditated there. It was a special time and extremely high on my “Before I Go” list. A recording can be found at The raw recording has nothing added but was trimmed at the beginning and end of the file. I got permission to go to ITBMU from my teachers in Sri Lanka. I am eligible from the exam I took 2 years ago. I think I might go. […]

Mangala Sutta Dhamma Talk

Here is a link for the Dhamma Talk on November 28, 2015. The talk was the third on the Mangala Sutta. This time, there was a high quality recorder. Talks are not edited. There are three parts. Lovingkindess and chanting. Part 1 Mangala sutta -who are the wise and review. Part 2 Meditation. Part 3

Loving Kindness Wins The Race

Loving Kindness Wins The Race (Adventures in Going for Alms in Hawaii) Last week we encountered a disturbing event while we were going for Alms in village in Kauai. There was a lady on a bicycle who approached us and asked us what we were doing. Her tone of voice was not so happy, but we enjoy telling people what we are doing because it does not happen so often and that is one of our goals when we stand in front of each house. So I replied with my canned response, mentally noting the cross around her neck by […]

Some Wish For Peace

Some wish for peace, I did something (story below) I thought I would repost this on my blog due to the recent events.  We must strive for peace.  Originally posted on I just got back from inviting 2 Muslims to serve at the head of the meal line for Tomorrow’s lunch at Pa-Auk. Everyone thought I was crazy and that the Muslims would kill me or at least shout at me as soon as I entered the compound. Instead they sat us down and offered us apples, and fruit juice with a happy and warm welcoming smiles. I explained my […]

It’s Only Half The Story

Yesterday, I had spoken about how someone took our pictures and who said something like, “I just wanted to tell you (her hand was now over her heart) how much …what you do means to me. I really want to thank you for what you are doing!” She drove off in her electric car that sounded like a vacuum cleaner. A few moments later, the same vacuum cleaner showed up again, and then she asked if she could take our picture. We said, “No problem.” And then she did not hear us correctly, so we needed to repeat that it […]

KKCR – Monks on Kauai Community Radio

Dear Friends, Here is the link to the kkcr radio show where we were interviewed on Kauai Community Radio for about one hour.  It gives a good taste of what we did on the island: We will be on the radio on Sunday at 11:00 am Hawaii time. The radio station is kkcr and can be streamed at the main page below. Program 10am -12pm We will come on at 11am island time. We will give a Dhammatalk in . on November 28th 6 to 8 pm This will likely be our last since we are planning to […]