2015 Pa-Auk Retreat in a new Maymyo Section?

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2015 Pa-Auk Retreat in a new Maymyo Section?
A 2015 retreat is rumoured to happen in Maymyo, Pa-Auk Branch with Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadawkyi.

There are 3 Pa-auk Maymyo monasteries right next to each other.
1.). Old section
2.). Middle section
3.). Newest section (completely separated and independent from the other two sections)

Supposedly, only the newest branch will be used for the 2015 retreat and the other two will not be used. If that is the case, I am doubtful the retreat will happen in only in the newest section according to schedule.
The other option is to:

Open up the previous sections,
Change the location
or Limit the yogis.

However, a kuti only needs only a door, walls and roof in order to be considered "finished," and the 2012 retreat had many "finished" kutis like this, but most of the kutis had unfinished wood floors, bare walls, and finished bathrooms. It was functional and comfortable. There were also many completely finished kutis and common buildings in 2012. Currently, nothing is near to fully finished condition for the case in the newest section.

Currently, there are roughly:
10 kuti shells with roofs,
67 with walls but no roof,
33 or so with just a base and no walls.

(Report and pictures are from this current week)

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