My friend U Pandicca recently came for a visit next door at Sayadaw U Obhasa’s kuti. He will he here…

My friend U Pandicca recently came for a visit next door at Sayadaw U Obhasa's kuti. He will he here for one week and then return to Yangon for his studies. He has recently returned from India where he and his friend gave a Kidney donations to those in need. Sadhu sadhu sadhu! Sayadaw U Obhasa attracts high-loving-kindness bhikkhus and I am happy to have him as my neighbor 😀 "Sayadaw" is a title which means "teacher," usually given to very senior or accomplished monks  This was posted on Google+

Quote on about Apples and Razors and the gullible who listen to the Media

Quote on about Apples and Razors and the gullible who listen to the MediaI remember my time as a youth inspecting and eating candy as though it were like I was eating fish with hidden bones. Wikipedia on "Halloween" subtopic "Foods" (2012 edition)…At one time, candy apples were commonly given to children, but the practice rapidly waned in the wake of widespread rumors that some individuals were embedding items like pins and razor blades in the apples.[50] While there is evidence of such incidents,[51] they are quite rare and have never resulted in serious injury. Nonetheless, many parents assumed that […]

The Wooden Sounding Block

The Wooden Sounding Block in front of the Sima on top of Cittalapabbata HillBecause there are so many pillars and a rear view photo would either put me off the cliff, or poke my eye out, I have included two pictures to show what the wooden hollow tree drum looks like from two angles.Taken with my tablet. This particular drumming was for the preparation of the Patimokkha meeting (recitation of the rules). It can be heard clearly all the way from my kuti. The drum is struck 15 minutes before every meditation session and at 3:30 AM for waking up. […]

A notice I posted for our guest rice servers

A notice I posted for our guest rice servers (Story Below)Someone asked me how things went with the Muslim guests since I did not make a followup so quickly. If you missed what happened, you can go to my profile and see the previous posts. The whole experience was surely positive for me. I was very happy and my happiness lingered for several days afterwards. Rev. Sa-Id and his group came with a happy faces and left with happy faces. Our monastery is quite big and arrangements were made sort of "last minute" with notices being created and posted thirty […]

American Pa-Auk Center?

American Pa-Auk Center?Ven Pa-auk Sayadawkyi recently sent me a letter inviting me to go to America and support the "American Pa-Auk Center" in California, with one-way airfare included. I responded by expressing concerns about the conditions and the Center's status as a "real" Pa-Auk center. I also have questions about who really "owns" and controls the place too. However, progress has been made. Up until recently, Sayadawkyi was unable to invite monks to the place. Who comes and who goes has more or less been decided by the owners often without asking Sayadawkyi. The local Myanmar community is not happy […]

Some wish for peace, I make it happen

Some wish for peace, I make it happen (story below)I just got back from inviting 2 Muslims to serve at the head of the meal line for Tomorrow’s lunch at Pa-Auk. Everyone thought I was crazy and that the Muslims would kill me or at least shout at me as soon as I entered the compound. Instead they sat us down and offered us apples, and fruit juice with a happy and warm welcoming smiles. I explained my story to him through a translator, my trusty senior friend Venerable Pannygavesaka, who is game for almost any crazy wholesome idea I […]

Malawmyine Sangha Hospital

Malawmyine Sangha HospitalI went to the hospital for an OPT visit to get my ear checked at the ENT unit. We ate at the Sangha hospital ward which was fairly empty. It is an open air hospital and the place is very clean, quiet and comfortable. I remember when I stayed there in maybe 2003 for suspected malaria. They gave me the medicine for malaria even though I tested negative. The medicine is harmless and they did not want to "wait for me to get in worse condition." After a few days, I was able to go back home to […]