September 2014

The Message From Long Ago

The Message From Long Ago I was recently interviewed by Skynet television. The monk in charge of foreigners tracked me down for an interview. I originally refused to climb up the Mountain for an interview at the Bodhi Tree. "Too much trouble. Get another monk." I said. Then he arranged for an easy location to …

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The "Beverly Hills" Section of Pa-Auk

The "Beverly Hills" Section of Pa-AukThis is my neighborhood. Over the years, the price of wood had skyrocketed, and concrete kuties have become the new standard. However, that does not stop them from laying teak floors inside. I think teak is quite inexpensive in Myanmar compared to the rest of the world. The same could …

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New Pa-Auk Thailand Monastery

New Pa-Auk Thailand MonasteryPicture of location in An-ton 2 hours from Bangkok.The sima was officially completed (by vinaya transaction) about 6 months ago.To complete a legal vinaya transaction, one needs the permission of the residing monks in the village. This could be a problem because monks often do not like newcomers on their own block, …

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Knowledge of Microphones, Knowledge of Meaning

Knowledge of Microphones, Knowledge of MeaningThe last two patimokkha recitations have been clear sounding without feedback (except when they were playing with the controls). All is due to my recent arrangement for a proper microphone. This makes me very happy and I can rejoice in my efforts when we have our meeting on the new …

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Little Wing Strikes Again

Little Wing Strikes AgainMy cardboard paper sign that goes around my 20L water bottle for refill identification was soggy from the rain, and so I threw it away a few days ago. I thought internally to myself, "Maybe I could ask the sangha computer room for a laminated sign before the next refill?". However, that …

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